Make-up after Treatment

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

So, you’ve just had your procedure, and your skin feels all healed up. It’s only natural to want to slide back into your normal routine, and for most of you, that’s going to include going right back to your regular makeup!

There’s nothing wrong with that - after all, jumping back into looking the way you love is part of the reason you got the procedure in the first place. When diving back into your regular makeup routine, though, you’re going to want to be careful.

You’re going to be a little red-skinned for a while. That’s because we’ve used the procedure to encourage your natural anti-aging processes, and your skin is healing itself! But introducing makeup filled with chemicals can cause damage to that fresh skin, cause permanent skin discoloration, and even lead to infections, so for a while, you’re going to want to go without makeup.

Once your skin is healed, you can begin covering up the natural redness with some makeup, but even then, the astringent nature of some chemicals in makeup can cause your skin to dry out and become damaged. Why it is worth purchasing the PF3 Post treatment makeup shield. Than choose a foundation formulated for sensitive skin (Physician’s Formula can be found at most drugstores, and is dermatologist-approved!), and make sure that you’re not using too much!

If you need a little help covering up the redness, a touch of green concealer will balance the redness and help you achieve that perfect skin tone you’re looking for. As always, treat your skin gently by drinking lots of water and applying moisturizer in the morning, at night, and before you apply makeup. This will help keep your skin nice and tight, preserving the fresh look the procedure has helped you achieve! Don’t forget your PF3 Post treatment makeup shield. It will hydrate, smooth and protect your post treatment skin. You will be able to wear makeup with out irritation.

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