How Natural Skin Tightening Beats Out Traditional Methods Every Time

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Natural is best, right?

Up until now, there hasn’t been a lot to offer in natural skin tightening methods. The beauty arena has many natural products, but when it comes to skin tightening the technology just hasn’t been available, so we’ve been left with inferior chemical tightening like Botox and surgeries to fulfill our anti-aging needs.

Fortunately, the technology is evolving. Science understands now that skin tightening methods we’ve used traditionally are outdated and dangerous, and that the new way forward is in natural tightening encouraged by the body’s own processes, leaving dangerous chemicals and fillers out of the equation.

Natural skin tightening from Fibroblast is non-invasive. That means no injected anesthesia, and no invasive chemical fillers underneath your skin. With the Fibroblast treatment, you’ll instead be subjected to a small electrical arc that causes negligible, controlled damage to the surface layer of the skin to encourage your skin’s natural collagen to tighten up and do the work for you.

Choosing your body’s own skin-tightening processes over chemical tightening is healthier, and it also costs less. Chemical tighteners have to be repeated a few times a year to remain effective but stimulating your body to tighten on its own last’s years! You can also forget about long recovery times from costly plastic surgeries. With the Fibroblast treatment, your regeneration can be complete in as little as two weeks! Since we rely on your natural processes, there will be no need for removal of stitches or complicated aftercare, just a series of creams that helps enhance your natural recovery.

Fibroblast is changing the way we think about skin tightening procedures. With it, you can say goodbye to barbaric surgeries and say hello to a youthful glow nourished by your own body.

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