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We do not offer refunds on treatments. All treatments should be discussed and understood prior to session. It should be acknowledged that the treatment is a Non-Invasive holistic treatment that gives your body a boost of collagen renewal in return your body does the renewing. It is not guaranteed how much improvement would be made or if any at all. We hope for at least 10% renewal per session. Upper lids tend to have less noticeable response than other areas unless skin is loose. If you receive Botox or Fillers you will see a different response because of the interruption of treatment. If there are any questions please ask prior. 


Direct Sunlight

Massaging of the area within 3  weeks of  PF ULtratightening

Peeling of Carbon Crust

or failing to follow any other recommendations for post treatment, can minimize or effect your results. And can possibly cause hyper pigmentation or brown spots. If this occurs this is on client to seek correction as Premier Fibroblast is not held liable.

All sessions require the session appt fee $25.00 to be prepaid. Groupon vouchers do not include session fee. Session fee count towards the retainer paid after appt.

Within 2-7 days of payment, your session payment is transferable to 1 new day/time.

In the case of a second appointment your next session will require a nonrefundable $25.00.

Session payments are nonrefundable/nontransferable within 48 hours of your scheduled day/time.

Rescheduling your appointment or cancelling within 48 hours will require a new session payment for future visit.

Payment may be made through all major Credit Cards via Cash App: $Premierfibroblast. Please download cash app for card payment. Cash also excepted during appt. Please have exact amount.

Important Details for your treatment:

No Direct Sunlight for up-to 3 weeks after treatment. Must wear sun screen for up-to 2 to 3 months after treatment to help prevent hyper pigmentation.

NO MAKEUP UNTIL CRUST FALLS OFF AND AFTER 1 WEEK AFTER .  Makeup should be chemical free. Otherwise brown dots will begin to form. Aftercare is the most important and must be followed correctly as its vital to your new refreshed results. No rubbing or peeling the scabs.

You will notice 10 to 20% refreshed results immediately after. You will heal up to 8 weeks after treatment creating new collagen. Dots will begin to naturally fall off around 3 to 9 days. They can fall off sooner or in some cases up to 14 days. Depends on bodys natural healing factors.You will experience inflammation day 2 to 5. In some cases longer. Inflammation can in some cases reappear later on in collagen renewal time frame; up to 10 weeks.

Any issues with treatment session will be addressed in a professional, courteous matter.


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Treatments provided by Premier Fibroblast Skintight are not medical treatments, nor use of medical grade equipment. Treatments are Non Invasive Beauty treatments carried out by Certified Fibroblast Skin tightening Technicians and Certified Body Contouring Technicians. No special licensing is required. Results may vary. There is a 10% minimum renewal per session. Two sessions recommended to receive more cell renewal and or tightening for treatment, as one session is the beginning process to wake up and renew cells and second session is better to assist the re birthing of cells. Non Invasive treatments are not guaranteed and in small percent of cases the body will not react. *Deals can not be combine with other deals and offers not valid with any other offers. *Premier Fibroblast website is only providing a reference to Specialist and not liable for anything that occurs outside of the website use. Please call the specialist direct with your questions and concerns.

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